Adventures of an American Seoul-Sister

Adventures and Observations of an American Seoul-Sister

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tet Decorations & Gifts

Here is a bounty of pictures featuring more Tet decorations and gifts.

Orchids grow bountifully and beautifully in the Vietnamese climate.  Many stands sprang up around Hanoi selling this common Tet gift.

An Orchid Lot set up especially for Tet.

An orchid arrangement with Tet decorations

Another important Tet decoration is blossoming peach and cherry branches (or sometimes whole trees).  These are also sold in lots all over the city. 
Motorbikers shopping for blossoming branchess
In fact, any blossoming or green branch seems suitable for ringing in a lucky New Year.  I saw a variety of different plant life being sold off on the streets the night of Tet's official kickoff. 

Some sort of palm branch sold by a motorbiker.

Fresh sugar canes, too.
Special gifts are given for Tet.  Many people spend a year's worth of savings on gifts for their extended families located in villages outside of the city.  Some of the common gifts, aside from plant life, include cartons of cigarettes (smoking is very popular here) and food items.  A very common and traditional food gift is dried fruit.  It is meant to bring good luck.

Stand selling dried fruit in Tet gift wrapping.

  For the kids, fancy balloons are popular and available on every corner during Tet.

Finally, I caught this cool picture of a bicyclist selling Tet tree ornaments.

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  1. mmmmm. I luv sugar coated dried fruit, and what are those...dates?