Adventures of an American Seoul-Sister

Adventures and Observations of an American Seoul-Sister

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shop 'Til You Drop

There is a neighborhood in Seoul called Dongdaemun that has some very good shopping.  In the daytime, there is a wholesale marketplace that covers a couple of city blocks with a lovely river running between the blocks.  You can purchase socks, yarn & fabrics, hats, books, shoes...just about anything.  In the evening, this market closes down, but simply cross the street to find several 7-story tall buildings chock-o-bock full of clothing stores.  The giant malls stay open until 5:30 am, so shopping until you drop is, literally, an option.  Coffee shops stay open all night, food is easy to find, and the metro opens soon after the malls shut down.  So, this is a worthwhile and slightly nutty (from sleep deprivation) adventure for tourists (who are small enough to squeeze into Asian-sized fashions). 

Two views of the gate at Dongdaemun

Two views taken in the wee hours from a third-story cafe.

The river running through Dongdaemun has a nice walking path.


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