Adventures of an American Seoul-Sister

Adventures and Observations of an American Seoul-Sister

Saturday, July 9, 2011

럽럽럽 Naomi Teacher 럽럽럽

I work for the mayor of Seoul, teaching year-round at a 5-day English camp for public school children.  It's a fun program because, the English classes are taught alongside fun activities like cooking, yoga and soapmaking.  Each week, I get a new class of homeroom students that cycle through a week of lessons. 

Friday, after my first week of having my own homeroom, the kids surprised me by decorating my whiteboard during a break.  They were so happy to show me their creation.  The bowed up and down for a few minutes saying, "Thank you, Naomi Teacher!"  Then, they all rushed over and hugged me, saying, "I love you!"  Pretty good for my first week! 

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