Adventures of an American Seoul-Sister

Adventures and Observations of an American Seoul-Sister

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Almost Eating a Unicorn in the Mekong Delta

I reentered Vietnam from Cambodia via a semi-comfortable and not-too-cigarette-smelling night bus, arriving in Saigon early enough to book a two-day tour of the MeKong Delta for the same morning.  So, I had just enough time to enjoy breakfast before boarding the tour bus.  Despite the tour guide being a totally prick, the tour was great.  After checking into a hotel, I walked two blocks to the water's edge to board the tour boat.

The tour boat
After an hour or so cruising through the delta, the boat stopped at a small island where I got to sample honey tea, wine, and treats and cuddle a surprisingly pliable snake.  The tea was a specialty of Vietnam--some sort of fermented banana rice wine.  Heat up and drink a shot of soy sauce while draping yourself in the uncooked dough of an especially long french baguette, and you'll have pretty much the same experience.

Just moments before thinking, "What the fuck!?! Is this soy sauce?"

Tea and treats

I think the snake was named Michael Jackson.

On the next island, I got to see a coconut candy factory and taste the candy while it was still warm. Quite delicious! 

Ladies wrapping coconut candy.

I then boarded a small boat, which floated through narrow, palm-covered riverlets to another island. 

A house on the river

 I believe this island was called Unicorn Island, or maybe Dragon Island.  Unfortunately, there were neither unicorns nor dragons on the island, but if there were, I'm sure they would have all been eaten long before my arrival.  The menu at the "cafe" resembled a zoo's information pamphlet.  I'm pretty sure the Vietnamese translates to "Fried. Fried." and "Fried."

After lunch, I took a quick bike ride around the island on a rickety old bike with flat tires.  But, I felt a little bad about having taken the best bike. 

From there, pockets full of candy and belly full of parasites (kidding), I reboarded the tour boat and headed back to the hotel to rest for the next day's tour.

Next post: Day Two of the Mekong Delta Tour.

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