Adventures of an American Seoul-Sister

Adventures and Observations of an American Seoul-Sister

Monday, August 29, 2011

Fruits Basket: Day 2 in the Mekong Delta

I couldn't resist naming this post after the Japanese anime because Day Two of my Mekong Delta tour was all about fruit, and of course, one of the best things about Vietnam is sampling all the fresh and exotic fruits. 

My day started with a tour of the world's largest floating fruit market.  Centered in the middle of a wide river, the market is the best place to find the freshest selections of fruit at the sweetest prices.  The merchants advertise their offerings by dangling them atop long bamboo poles.  The fruit boats also serve as the merchants' homes, and other homes can be seen long the delta's edge.  Smaller venders cruise by in smaller boats, selling fruits, soda, and other snacks.  Generally, these smaller venders employ children who are learning the tricks of the family trade.

Dragon fruit and watermelon


This lady rows a floating sandwich shop.  

Jack fruit--so delicious!

The typical way to eat pineapple in Vietnam--peeled and ready to eat.

Giant mangoes

The ripest and most delicious mango I have ever eaten in my life.

After touring the market, I got to visit a small fruit farm.

Lotus caps carry edible seeds.

Dragon Fruit
Adjacent to the farm was a small factory that made rice spring roll wrappers.

My little buddy Kang, Vietnam's cutest tour guide, investigates a rice noodle.

First the rice is sorted and cleaned.

The rice is cooked for so long the it turns to a milky broth.

The rice broth is put on a hot skillet and made in almost the same fashion as a crepe.  

The rice papers are moved to bamboo boards to dry.  

Thanks for reading.  Next blog: Saigon (aka: Ho Chi Minh City)

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